CarbonCloud proceeds to final stage of Climate-KIC start-up accelerator

CarbonCloud, a Swedish start-up that helps the global food service industry to calculate and decrease its carbon footprint while improving profit margins, was today awarded a slot in the final stage of Climate-KIC’s European start-up accelerator.

The award that includes a €50 000 grant and a program of European and Nordic start-up boot camps and master classes in combination individual business coaching was won in stiff competition with cleantech start-ups from all over the Nordics.

This provides a great opportunity for us to further develop our service offer, our company and our CarbonCloud team in a European context. The opportunity to work side by side with other climate entrepreneurs in the accelerator program is very inspiring and access to professional and experienced coaches and mentors is extremely valuable for an early stage start-up such as us, says David Bryngelsson CEO and co-founder of CarbonCloud.

Climate-KIC motivates the choice of CarbonCloud with that CarbonCloud is a start-up that has developed an innovative and efficient solution based on climate labels to impact the carbon footprint of the food service industry and that the team has performed at a high level through the previous stages of the accelerator program, achieving a high level of market and customer traction.

We are very pleased with the progress of CarbonCloud in the Climate-KIC accelerator program and in particular the traction they have achieved with customers like Fazer, one of the leading food service providers in the Nordics. Another impressive milestone is that CarbonCloud was selected technical partner to WWF and their concept ”One Planet Plate” and we expect them to have a substantial impact on the European food service industry in the coming years, says Mikkel Trym, Head of the Climate-KIC entrepreneurship program in the Nordics.

CarbonCloud started as an idea based on a research project at Chalmers University of Technology and their carbon labelling service CarbonAte helps restaurants calculate the climate impact of each ingredient used in cooking and also gives the restaurant guests clear climate information for each dish presented on the menu. CarbonCloud was earlier this spring selected as technical partner for WWF and their One Planet Plate campaign. Part of the cooperation consists of development and design of the WWF Food Calculator, which enables individuals to calculate the climate impact of different types of food ingredients and recipes.

For more information, contact:

David Bryngelsson, VD CarbonCloud,
Tel: 0704 - 40 21 25

Mikkel Trym, Head of Climate-KIC Entreprenurship program in the Nordics
Tel: +45 - 51 80 15 66

What is Climate-KIC?

Climate-KIC is the EU’s largest public-private partnership addressing climate change through innovation to build a zero-carbon economy. Climate-KIC are supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union that boosts innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe. The EIT has created numerous “Knowledge and Innovation Communities” (KICs) focused on different societal challenges, and EIT Climate-KIC is the innovation community addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation. Climate-KIC have brought together a world-class network of partners – from businesses of every size, academia and the public sector – who share a common interest in tackling climate change. We create new partnerships to integrate research, business and technology in order to transform innovative ideas into new goods, services and jobs. Climate-KIC offer services to entrepreneurs to help them create their businesses, and we train students to use their climate change knowledge in the business world.

CarbonCloud proceeds to final stage of Climate-KIC start-up accelerator
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